Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oh, Davey Byrne

Woke up refreshed, got in my car, drove to work. A usual Sunday morning. On the way I was listening to npr, Weekend Edition Sunday, and a familiar voice was being interviewed. Well the voice wasn't exactly familiar, just the content. Liane Hansen and the interviewee were discussing biking in NYC and said interviewee's recently published book. I said WHOA HEY DAVE BYRNE, THAT YOU? 'Course it was. Who else? Listen please.

The photo to your left is the man himself with one of his bike racks that are scattered 'round Manhattan and Brooklyn.


  1. wow! david byrne rode in newport news while on tour. cant remember when that tour wouldave been

  2. o i know. david byrne, in newport news. poor lad. is off the chain.